🎀 Where can I buy pins?
Pins that are in stock are available in my online shop. New pin drops go first through my Facebook group, AdorkaBows Select Bow-Peeks. Remaining inventory after group sales will go to the online shop. 
🎀 How do you grade your pins?
This Grading Guide should explain everything.
🎀 What do your editions mean?
I also have an Edition Guide!
🎀 How can I find out about new stuff coming out?
Follow my socials (links in header), check the Coming Soon page in the shop, and join my Facebook group for sneak peeks.  
🎀 What types of hardware do you have for bows?
Here is an image showing the hardware I usually have available, but my stock can vary so please check with me to make sure I have what you want. 
🎀 How much do your bows cost?
This handy guide shows my pricing structure for custom orders. This is subject to change without notice and does not apply strictly to pre-made bows which can be priced differently due to market demand. 
🎀 How can I order a bow?
New bow designs are released first through direct sales and auction events in my Facebook group, AdorkaBows Select Bow-Peeks. Anything that doesn't sell through the group events will go to the public store within a few days. 
🎀 What about custom designs?
My custom orders open occasionally throughout the year, usually with group members getting first dibs on the sometimes very limited slots. If public spaces are available, you can check my socials (links in header) for announcements. Please review my Commissions Agreement before ordering a custom bow. 
🎀 I don't use Facebook. Is there any other way to access new stuff? 
Ahhh sorry! I know Facebook isn't everyone's fav and I totally get not wanting to use it. My following grew the fastest and strongest on Facebook so it's kind of where I've focused my attention right now. If you don't use Facebook, you can wait for public shop drops or you can have someone who does use Facebook proxy for you. 

🎀 I have another question?
Contact me through social media (links in header). Thanks!

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